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Re: EEEKK overspray

At 11:40 AM 7/24/97 -0400, Timothy Smith wrote:
>Hi All
>   What works best to get very minor overspray off my paint job without
>a buffing wheel. 
>"Ya but the trim looks great!" 
>                                    Tim

Get Clay Magic -- it removes overspray, fallout, dried bug juice, etc. I
believe it's available at Pep Boys and other retailers, and is considered
to be the best (according to my experts). Read the directions carefully,
and you can use something like Mothers Showtime or Meguiars Instant
Detailer along with it. 

The Jury's still out on the revised Meguiars product (their old stuff was
crap -- again, according to my experts). It's about $25 or so, but it's
worth it.

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