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That longer control arm gives about an inch more suspension travel in rebound,
and that means the length of the working cylinder and piston rod must be
increased over the stock Mustang application. If you put stock 'Stang
struts in
an SVO, the piston would hit the top of the working tube before the suspension
was at full rebound, which would yank the piston off the end of the rod.

The SVO front strut is unique and has its own part number within Koni. To my
knowledge, nobody in the aftermarket has tooled up a strut for the SVO, just
not enough market there.

Gary Morrell

On Jul 15, 11:31, Carl Morris wrote:
> Subject: Re: KONI'S
> Gary Morrell wrote:
> > I have yellow's on my SVO. SVO's came stock with reds.
> The question many of us have (I do anyway) is the fitting
> of non-SVO-specific shocks.  Every vendor I've talked to
> says that you CAN'T put anything on an SVO other than the
> factory shocks due to the longer control arms.  Are they
> just being overly cautious, or do they have a good point?
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> Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com
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