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I have yellow's on my SVO. SVO's came stock with reds. I had mine re-valved
during the last warranty rebuild, I think it cost about $90 per pair for the
re-valve. Koni will still rebuild your struts/shocks if you're not the
owner, you just have to pay for it like everybody else.

I like the extra rebound damping of the yellows, tho the ride was a bit harsh
until they softened up a bit with age. If you look at the force/velocity
graphs, the yellow's lower adjustment range overlaps the upper end of the
red's. In other words, an unadjusted yellow will have the same damping as a
fully adjusted red. Fully adjusted, a yellow will have about 50% more rebound
damping then a red. If you're building a track car and are expecting to
higher rate springs, think about getting some yellow's, you'll need the extra
damping with the higher rate springs or you'll get a pogo stick effect with
suspension. If your SVO is more of a street car, and/or your roads are pretty
torn up, stay with the reds, your kidneys will appreciate it.

There are also some other alternatives: For a price, Koni will build you some
double adjustable, SP/SS showroom stock struts. Expect to wait several months
for these, and that's if the parts are Stateside. If the parts are in Holland,
think about this for next season's racing, because the parts are sent by a
slow boat. I suspect they could even build double adjustables with red
but I'd guess we're talking $200 per corner for this.

The warranty/rebuild coordinator at Koni is Debbie Angel, 606-727-5030. Koni
fax is 606-727-5001. Koni's rebuild center is located at:

Koni Warranty
8085 Production Ave.
Florence, KY 41042

Gary Morrell

On Jul 14, 22:36, William Jones wrote:
> Subject: KONI'S
> Is anyone out there running the yellow Koni sports on their SVO?  I've
> seen SVO's with these, but didn't think they were specifically for the
> SVO.  Can you get just a regular old 5.0 set?  I'm about to order a set
> of reds, but am interested in opinions on the yellow "sports"
> Thanks,
> Bill
>-- End of excerpt from William Jones