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Re: 3" downpipe

My stock muffler rotted off a while back so I spliced in a piece of straight
pipe. It's not terribly loud, and actually has a nice burble at idle, but it
drones a bit at cruising speed, which gets annoying (for me at least) with the
windows down. I think a Borla race muffler or an Edlebrock RPM series straight
thru would take the edge off, but I'll probably replace the whole exhaust
system rather than screw with just the muffler.

Gary Morrell

On Jul 24,  1:33, Scott Shidel... wrote:
> Subject: Re: 3" downpipe
> Any of you guys thought about not even running mufflers?
> The turbo quiets it down bigtime, and you would prolly b suprised how
> unannoying it is.
> my freind put a turbo on his VW Rabbit truck, and had a 2.5" exhaust run,
> with no muff, and now no cat.  not exactly like a caddilac, but its not
> anly louder than those knuckle heads in the 15 second hondas with their
> Trust exhausts.
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