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Re: Turning stuff...

On Jul 15,  8:57, Joe Morgan wrote:
> Subject: Re: Turning stuff...
> Gary,
>  >>>Fees usually run about $150 per day, sometimes more...
> Holy S**T!  That's pretty steep.  Maybe it'll have to wait until I get a
> job.
> Thanks for the info,
> Joe Morgan

These events aren't cheap to run. Track rental for someplace like Heartland
Park or Willow Springs can run from $2000 to $5000 per day. The organizers
have to buy wads of liability insurance, which runs $10 to $30 per driver.
Stapleton Airport's road course costs us nearly $1000/day for 50 drivers.
2-day schools at Heartland Park (Topeka, Kansas) are $170 for the weekend: For
this you get some classroom, an instructor in the passenger seat, and eight,
20-minute track sessions, or about 80 laps. By Sunday afternoon, you'll feel
its money well spent, assuming you don't wad up your car... ;-(

Gary Morrell