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Re: Turning stuff...

On Jul 14, 19:11, Joe Morgan wrote:
> Subject: Turning stuff...
> Right on Gary,
> ...you're making me want to learn how to turn.
> Although anyone who was at the Malibu Grand Prix gathering knows that
> isn't going to happen real easily. :p
> So Cal SVO'ers:
> Do they have events like this around here? Or do we just have the
> parking lot events?  I want to try this.  Any suggestions?

To my knowledge, Colorado and Utah are the only regions with active SCCA Solo
Trials programs. If you're interested in some road course track time, hunt up
the local chapter of the Porsche Club of America, BMW Car Club of America, or
National Council of Corvette Clubs. These organizations often sanction open
track schools at local courses, open meaning you don't have to own the marque
to play with them. Fees usually run about $150 per day, sometimes more,
sometimes less. Depending on the school size, you'll usually get four, 20
minute track sessions per day, and some classroom time on reading the course
and finding the cornering line.

Go fast, keep the rubber side down...

Gary Morrell