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Re: Turning stuff...

On Jul 15, 12:35, Joe Morgan wrote:
> Subject: Re: Turning stuff...
> Gary,
> >> By Sunday afternoon, you'll feel
> >> its money well spent, assuming you don't wad up your car... ;-(
> Do you have any "funny" anecdotes you want to share with the class?
> Just wondering, :)
> Joe Morgan

I put the SHO off in the dirt at Stapleton a few weeks ago, I was trying
not to
blow a high speed offset and went sideways at 80 MPH, but no harm done. The
hardest part is keeping your wits about you and staying off the brakes so the
tires don't get flat-spotted. I had a very entertaining slide once in the
The corner workers said all 4 wheels were still turning while the car was
pirouetting sideways, its amazing what a little layer of water can

Concrete walls and tire barriers make you think twice about driving at more
than eight or nine/tenths, especially when your "race car" is also your ride
home. I've noticed that cars that arrive on trailers are driven closer to the

Gary Morrell