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Re: Injector: Fact or Fiction

The tough part about all this stuff is figuring out which part is the
fact and which part is the fiction.

The "fiction" part generally comes from people who are selling the very
expensive 42 pounders (...and equally expensive and unneeded computer
modifications) to lots of people who in almost all cases don't need

Curiously enough though, most of these same vendors never actually _do_
any racing of their own...they leave the expensive, time-consuming part
to their vict ..er, customers.

The "fact" part comes from actually doing it, not talking about it.

If the meter stays at pegged...it has enough fuel.  It doesn't take a
run across a dry lake bed with 400 pounds in the trunk to blow a head

Ever hear the term "detonation"?  It's a term that we turbo owners (and
drivers) use.  It happens when there is a lean condition...and it blows
head gaskets and breaks pistons a long time before "high exhaust
temperatures" (?) blow the gasket.

You can throw extra fuel at an engine to cover up for other problems,
like hosing down a brush fire, but that's not how you go fast.  I guess
if you ever actually had one of these, you'd know that. 

Not a single 2.3 turbo I've ever seen has "needed" 42s, except for maybe
Steve's aluminum-headed stroker...oh yeah...that wasn't a 2.3 anymore
was it? 

Here's a link that may be of interest you

http://www.amway.com/    Happy shopping!


Joe Morgan