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After I went outside and thought about it for a while...

I realized that obviously Mr. ASC hasn't been paying very close
attention to what we've been tyalking about for these last few
weeks/days/hours...either that -- or he's just dense.

I'm still going to scan the dyno sheet and send it around -- talk to him
if you don't like the file, I'll try to make it as small as I can, but
it probably needs to be kind of large, otherwise he won't get it.

I just figured that I'd clarify a few things right now, so he can pull
his foot out of his mouth.

1) I already made 300 HP (295...whatever) on 35s -- on the motor, 16psi,
1000ft elevation, with a house fan blowing into the intercooler (wow).
It did 236hp at the rear wheels, through the 8" axle and C4 trans.

2) Even someone as ignorant as yourself can *probably* understand that
there are losses associated with the transmission of power through the
drivetrain.  For example, a T-5/8.8 axle (or a 7.5, for that matter) is
a fairly efficient, actually one of the most efficient, drivetrains
available.  "Losses" in this arrangement would be around 10%, and
according to some sources I've heard, even less.

3) I have (as mentioned above) an 8" and a C4 automatic, which, on their
*best* day will "absorb" -- due to pumping losses, gear arrangement,
friction, etc. -- around 20%.

Here's where it might get a little tough for you, so try to hang on...


236 (rear wheel HP) / .8 (drivetrain losses) = 295 HP

Try it on your own, no salt required.

(Mr. ASC...if you need help with the calculator, just ask your
mommy...I'm sure she'll help you.)

If you want to quarrel about the loss figures -- get a clue -- or go ask
someone who has one.

BTW -- The motor was/is in no way "optimized' to run on the motor -- the
cam hasn't been degree'd, the timing hasn't been moved at all (10), the
plugs are down at .030", the turbine is too big and the compressor is
too small for "motor-only" use.  The whole intention of the test was to
find out the difference between the Superchip and the stock program
(none, except at 4000).

Maybe you should stop flapping your gums (fingers?) and go work on your

See you tomorrow...

Joe Morgan