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running 11's in an SVO...

There was a guy in the mid-80's named Tom Reider (Reider Racing, the
axle place) that had (still has, actually last time I talked to him) an
'84 Bird that he campaigned in NHRA Super Stock (..maybe Stock).

It ran 11.50's @ 118 with ALL the power equipment, except the AC.  2.95
T-5, 5.13s, 2.5L, EEC, big IHI, intercooler and 52s.  There were several
articles in SF, Bracket Racing, Turbo...all the usual suspects.  BIG
wheelies. The car weighed 3100 and had all sorts of suspension work done
to it.

The car was (is?) "streetable" according to Reider, but they had two
setups for the fuel system, one for driving around and one for the
track.  The SF article I saw said it was an NHRA national record holder
in SS/J (?).  He says it's still in his garage "leaking oil" with the
same, never rebuilt after all those passes, motor in it.

Oh yeah, he was a Ford Drivetrain Engineer at the time.  As he told me
when I talked to him, "...yeah, but I had a lot of help."  I could use
some of _that_ kind of help. ;)

That car has always been my "bogie".  I just wouldn't want to f**k up an
SVO to (seriously) drag race it.  Despite what you may hear, if you're
_really_ going 11's (at the track and not "on paper"), you have to
seriously modify the car, if for no other reason than the safety
requirements.  Steve Davis figured that out pretty quickly -- and bailed
out on the drag racing thing...and he never actually got there.

Why not use it for what it was built for, such as driving, turning and
otherwise thoroughly enjoying it on vast expanses of asphalt.  If you
really want to go racing, buy a "strippy" 'stang (or the slightly
heavier alternative ... a Pinto) and have at it.

Drive SVO's fast around corners, like God intended us to do.

Joe Morgan