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SVO Site


It's "my" site, for the Southern California/Southwest Region of SVOOA. I've
been a Mustang SVO owner since I bought my brand new '86 Shadow Blue car in
September of that year. I've been deeply involved in the association for
the last 8 years, having worked with Bob King who started his own
association here in Southern California and then being a co-founder and
editor of the Southern California Chapter (thus closing-down his group). 

Since I got "hooked" on the Internet and getting into Web design, and
decided to use this site as a learning exercise and to further my hobby --
especially after having been so disappointed in the "National" site at
www.corral.net, I got fed up and built my own. I initially piggybacked-it
on my employer's server, but I was able to work out a great deal with an
upstart ISP and took thus took the opportunity to register www.mustangsvo.org.

Bob recently turned-over So. Cal. Chapter directorship to me, and my best
friend Neil Chirico is the Southwest Regional Director, and he's also the
real "SVO Guru." Both he and I want this region -- and this association to
grow! Since "National" doesn't seem to have the money/resources to do their
own site, I expect this to grow into the "National" site some day soon...it
is pretty much considered that already by surfers and Mustang SVO enthusiasts.

I chose "mustangsvo.org" because the name says it all...it's easy to
remember. I rejected svo.org after thinking about it for a while...if you
say "I drive an SVO" most people don't understand. If you say "I drive a
Mustang SVO" people understand...at least they understand Mustang. Even
more so do they understand when I clarify it -- "It's an early SVT Cobra."
Then the light comes on! As it is, through the Web site I get e-mail from
idiots with 5.0s who think the SVO Guru can help them in installing a MAF
on their V8 with some (Motorsport) SVO goodies -- of course, I send them

By the way, I pretty much detest people saying they drive an SVO unless
they're in the exclusive company of Mustang SVO owners... almost as much as
I hate SVT Cobra owners saying they drive a Cobra...they might as well be
as definitive as saying "I drive a vehicle with 4 wheels and a V8" --
Shelby made the first Cobras -- and since I'm involved with more than 30
Ford car clubs in the area (we work together with Ford to stage the
"Fabulous Fords Forever" show) -- I'm dealing with many owners of Shelby
Cobras -- so to me, it's "SVT Cobra" -- much the same as I feel it should
be "Mustang SVO."

Thanks much for the compliments on the site...It's got lots more coming
soon! I would very much like to link to your site with your approval...I'm
guessing you're associated with Kyle Sperry -- he and I have e-mailed back
and forth on this and that...If you could just give me some text/html you
want posted about your chapter (if you are a chapter) or your group I can
post that on a page and then provide a link, that would be fine too.

I get e-mail from SVO owners throughout the country and I refer them to
local chapters as well as to National. Soon I will have a National
membership form they can download and/or print out so it will become more
self-service. I hope to eventually have this site be the one-stop shopping
place for the Mustang SVO Enthusiast...I know most chapters can't afford
the expense of registering and maintaining a domain...but a link to a page
is the greatest way to promote the local chapters and the association as a

Take care and keep in touch!

Jim Dvorak

Publisher/Editor, THE SVO CHRONICLES
Journal of the Mustang SVO Owners Association of Southern California/Southwest
Member, Fabulous Fords Forever Advisory Council
Member, Motor Press Guild

Mailing Address:
      Mustang SVO Owners Association
      7400 Center Avenue, Suite 109
      Huntington Beach, CA 92647-3039

            E-mail: jim@mustangsvo.org / jdvorak@deltanet.com /
            Phone: 714-891-9835
            Fax: 714-891-6715

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