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Greetings, Mustang SVO and 2.3L Turbo Owners!

I thought to myself, gee...now that the list server is up, I don't have
anything to say (which is amazing!). But then I realized that Thanks to
Dave Compton, this is rolling, so let's all thank Dave!!!

Then I realized that since this list is "new" I thought it would be a good
idea to introduce myself...and thought others might want to do so as
well...so introducing ourselves is something we could all do.

I bought my 1986 Mustang SVO new in September 1986 -- Shadow Blue (code 7B,
1 of 69). It's been in a lot of shows in Southern California, and drew a
lot of attention for being such a rare color. 

In recent years she went through a period where she was very
neglected...but now, a particular girlfriend that for a time consumed all
my time and all of my money is now off bothering someone else now. (Thank
you, God!)

So recently, my SVO has been getting a lot of work done on her! My only
modification had been a K&N, but this past year-and-a-half with 100,000
miles it's been a combination of maintenance and upgrade work -- brakes
(stock); clutch (Centerforce II with stock Motorsport disc); Saleen
aluminum shifter bushings -- nice and tight; turbo (stock Ford rebuild by
Garrett); re-cored radiator; Saleen 190LPH Fuel Pump; 3" high-flow Cat with
Dynomax Super Turbos and 1997 SVT Cobra tailpipes; rebuilt cylinder head
with EV8 valves, exhaust and intake manifolds (all ported & polished by
Nick at Modern Performance). 

It's all starting to come together! Next on my "wish list"  is an
adjustable cam sprocket from ETS, a roller cam setup from Modern
Performance, and to actually get my 3" downpipe installed correctly.

My original Shadow Blue paint is in dire need of refinishing, but my
primary concern now is the powertrain -- then I think a few track events
are in order before I worry about paint! Luckily, the interior is pretty good.

I'm Southern California chapter director for the Mustang SVO Owners
Association, and I assist Neil Chirico, the Southwestern Regional director
of the SVO Owners Association. 

In my free time I run the Web site at www.mustangsvo.org (self explanatory)
as well as at www.fordcarclubs.org -- the latter promotes the Annual
Fabulous Fords Forever Car Show at Knott's Berry Farm, and I am a committee
member for the Ford Car Clubs Council, which works with Ford here to
organize this show of some 2,000 Ford-powered cars! 

I'm a big, big Ford fan and I'm a member of the automotive industry press
here in Southern California, where there's certainly (and luckily for me) a
lot of things happening automotive.

That's all for now!

Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!

Publisher/Editor, THE SVO CHRONICLES
Journal of the Mustang SVO Owners Association of Southern California/Southwest
Member, Fabulous Fords Forever Advisory Council
Member, Motor Press Guild
Member, SVT Cobra Owners Association, Southern California Chapter
Member, Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club

Mailing Address:
      Mustang SVO Owners Association
      7400 Center Avenue, Suite 109
      Huntington Beach, CA 92647-3039

            E-mail: jim@mustangsvo.org / jdvorak@deltanet.com /
            Phone: 714-891-9835
            Fax: 714-891-6715

Plan Now: Fabulous Fords Forever at Knott's Berry Farm! April, 1998!