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3" headpipes...

OK...it's official...

I went over it with my race-fab/mechanical engineer-friend Danny Huseman
(BSME, Cal-Poly,Pomona 94)...

3" downpipe...$100 -- no cat, you choice of exit (straight or angled)

3" downpipe...$250 -- with 3" hi-flow cat and hangers, with 2-bolt (or
three, if you prefer) flange in stock location behind cat.

The pipes will have a small (approximately 3") section of 2.5" tubing
flared to meet the 3" and will be completely TIG welded (cleaner and
more durable than MIG), designed and constructed of mandrel-bent tubing
to fit '84-'86 SVO's.

If you have questions, either write me, call -- (909)734-9236, or call
Danny at: 

Huseman Engineering
9700 Indiana Avenue
Riverside, CA 

If you didn't have a way to get one made for cheap before -- you do
now.  No excuses for getting ripped off.