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Re: Dear Mr. ASC...rebut

No harm, no foul...you weren't saying anything really bad.  I just
didn't want to leave it stand that I had some sort of advantage because
I have a Pinto, rather than an SVO.

Reason #1 why I wouldn't try to make an SVO go 10's:

I like them too much to go welding them all up to make them legal.  I've
always wanted one -- when they were on the showroom floor, they were $$$
and I had -$$$$.  When I worked for Ford, I didn't really want to pay
top-dollar for a used car, so...

I finally got 2 of them last summer (both extreme basket cases) for
$1000.  One is running and pretty complete now, one isn't.  There's no
way I'm taking down my driver to make it a race car.

The other one -- a late '84 "comp prep" car -- well, would you?  When...

1) I can get a blown-up mustang hatchback for free just about anywhere,
or a nice one for $700...

2) I have a race car already...

3) I can use the one I have at import races ($$$), Nostalgia races (who
says it's not a '72?) and just about any Ford event (except those woosie
(sp?) 5.0 events that say you have to have a fox-body and a windsor)

On the upside...

1) I would be able to get my car into the magazines without buying an
ad. (Steve?)

2) I wouldn't have to say my other car is a "race car" instead of a
"pinto" in mixed company.

3) I could stop having to explain that the whole gas tank thing was just
a P.R. misunderstanding.

4) almost forgot...Mustangs are cheaper and easier to build, they hook
better, there are more parts available (more than none, at least) and
you can make them lighter than a Pinto (in street trim).

My blood boils when I see some moron hack out the dash to install a din
radio -- same as it does when I see a 5.0 SVO.  If you want to waste an
SVO, go ahead...I'm not going to do it.

With the Pinto, I've taken a car of little or no value and made
something out of it.  With an SVO, I'd be doing the same stuff as those
knuckleheads at the import drags that rip apart a perfectly good Integra
to go 11s when you can buy an old CRX to race.

No thanks -- If I can't make it better than it was, I'm not doing it. 
SVO's accelerate, turn and stop very well -- and my driver has A/C, drag
racers accelerate well and stop well (hopefully).  Forgat the turning --
and forget the collector value.

Right now, I'm chasing the parts to replace the original heater ducts 
for the red car and I have the doorpanels safe in the garage.

What do you all think?  If given a choice, would you "waste" (my term) a
rare future collector car to race it, or just get a strippy hatchback or
sedan and go to town.  

I eagerly await your response. 

Joe Morgan