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RE: Wastegate Question

	OK Dave add this answer to the FAQ when you write it.

	My wastegate actuator (sp?) is shot (or my actual wastegate is
rusted shut). Anyhow, I've been laying off the boost as of late.

	Question.... Which cars came with the threaded rod? Did the
`86s? I have two wastegate actuators in my basement. One has the
threads, one doesn't. I think the one with threads came off a rebuilt
turbo that was on an `86 SVO. The other one was off of an `83(?) Tbird.
I think they'll both work but which do I use. My boost control is still
all factory `84.

	PS the SVO supp has all the info / wiring on the `84 boost
control EEC iffin you need it for reference.


>  The wastegate itself is a spring loaded rod with a diaphragm.  10 PSI
> will
> make it move the rod enough to open the wastegate door enough to
> bypass the
> turbo to limit the boost.  Purely mechanical, OK, also pneumatic. Some
> wastegates have threaded rods to reduce the length of the rod and
> preload
> the wastegate to a higher pressure. This works good.