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SVO List: Introduction

Thought I'd do another introduction since everyone else is.  My name is
Justin Condon and I bought an 86 SVO in late October of 96.  It is Charcoal
Gray but has a bad Ford paint chip problem.  The car has about 115k on it
so after doing a few repairs I thought it best to do a complete overhaul.
I am currently pulling out the motor for a complete rebuild.  I plan on
using Crower rods and stock Ford pistons and possibly getting some head
work done.  While the motor is out I will do some prep work for a paint job
and have it towed to a body shop.  Transmission and rear end is also
scheduled for rebuild.  When I bought the car it already had some go fast
goodies on it like (what I think is) a Super 60 T-3 turbo, 3"downpipe with
Borla exhaust, Eibach springs and a strut tower brace (which I am selling
if anyone wants it).  I do not want my car to be a trailer queen.  I love
driving it too much.  I have been to many car shows and have seen evidence
that you can have a clean car that is a daily driver.  I just want it to be
an 11 maybe 10 second streetable car.  I love it my car and it consumes all
of my extra time.  I think buying this car in fair shape and building it to
my satisfaction will be even more rewarding than buying a new one.  This
group is the best thing that I could have discovered.  I was on the Corral
techboard in April when somebody the SVO List to me and I have been here
since.  The info discussed saves everybody time, money and headaches.
Can't wait till another San Diego meet is scheduled!!!!