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RE: SVO Service Manuals

I own an `84 and SLEEP with the factory shop manual (the wif is not
impressed but it fits inbetween the cats :-). It's the best thing I can
recommend for the average owner. If your car is highly modified it won't
help alot. It's well laid out and as easy to use as a Haynes. Classic
Corral has them I think. Best way to get them is at a show w/ vendors. I
also have the SVO suppliment for the `84. It covers the dash, wiring
harnesses front end, wing, turbo boost controls, and the TRW steering
(SVO only in `84), If anyone really needs the supp, I can make coppies
of most of it.

`84 SVO (thinking about painting it yellow) whatcha think? (OK Tim, I
don't wanna hear it!)

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> Is there any Service Manuals for the SVO and where can you get them?
> All I
> have been able to find are the "normal" Mustang manuals.  Do teh
> regular
> manuals give enough information to make them useful for the SVO?
> Seems like
> there are enough differences that they would not be.