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Re: Parts !

J.House wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
> I am looking for a couple of parts for my 87 TC,and was wondering if
> anybody had these parts laying around;
>                  -Fan Control Module(mounted on the pass. side shock
>                                       tower)
>                  -Driver's side electric fan.
>                  -Idle air Bypass solenoid

	I may shortly. my 85 tc was just totaled and am considering making my
87 my new drag car. My fan control module is about 6 mos old.
> *Also,my car goes to 15 pounds of boost only in 1st and 2nd gear.After
> that it drops to 10 pounds for 3rd,4th and 5th.If I connected the in and
> out hose that goes to the solenoid mounted on the inside fender(under
> the fan control module)would this make the computer go to 15 pounds of
> boost in all gears?

	Yes, it should. Mine sees between 16-18 psi with this connection in all
gears. I use premium fuel and have my knock sensor disconnected also
(not always recommended) because the noise of the motor mounts reaching
their limits would cause timing to retard and slam your face into the

 Or am I going to have to drill out that tube going
> into the turbo(the tube where the T fitting is)?
	No, just connect the hose going from the turbo discharge to the
solenoid directly to the compressor inlet. Basically just remove the
solenoid from the loop. You should have plenty of boost this way. 

I am thinking of getting
> that 3" downpipe for the car,but I would like to get this boost problem
> over with first.
> J.House

Mike Sitar
85 TC totaled, was twin turbo 351W powered
87 TC possible new drag car