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RE: Introduction and Engine questions

> Now for the problem.  During the past two weeks I've noticed a strong
> smell
> of gas when I go to WOT.  I checked the fuel rail and injectors and
> none of
> them seem to be leeking.  This problem also seems to be causing the
> car to
> idle roughly (between 500 and 2000 rpms.) and for the first minute or
> so,
> until the engine warms up, it seems to have trouble sustaining an idle
> at
> all. 
	[Mike Ray]  

> Dave [Mike Ray]  ,
	Last I heard of this, it was a faulty fuel injector. My car will
idle ruff for 60 sec (especially in the winter) after starting her up.
	I'm still trying to find someone that knows about ultrasonic
cleaning of "einspritzers" (ie where? how much? does it work?). I have
old `86 injectors waiting to go on my `84 but I'd really like them
cleaned first.

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