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Re: Wastegate Question

>Ford makes the turbo go to 15 PSI by LEAKING some of the PRESSURE, going to
>the wastegate sense port, back to the turbo input elbow.  This keeps all
>the air that the VAF metered into the engine, within the air intake system.

Yeah, I forgot the stock gate was set for 10.

I'm a little more comfortable alterting the 'base' gate pressure than
installing a bleeder valve. That seems like a good way to get dust into the
system. I've also wondered about altering the total length of the hoses
from the
boost solenoid. Ford is soooooo specific about the hoses being calibrated to a
certain size and length (14.78 inches ?) that there must be some effect to be
had in just enlarging the area to be pressurized.

I've not had any luck finding 'raw' tubing for the experiment as none of the
auto parts places have anything like it.

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