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Re: SVO Service Manuals

>Is there any Service Manuals for the SVO and where can you get them?  All I
>have been able to find are the "normal" Mustang manuals.  Do teh regular
>manuals give enough information to make them useful for the SVO?  Seems like
>there are enough differences that they would not be.

The factory set is available from Classic Corral, and it looks like the
same set
you get if you order from the company in the back of your owners manual.

It is a 4-volume set. Differences between SVO and regular Mustangs are
covered in 
most of the sections in good detail. The 4th volume is very thin and deals
the TRW rack & pinon and some tech/repair on the boost control electronics and
plumbing.  What is not included is a detailed wiring guide. Instead, major
are broken out at the harness level and some notice of color coding.

For specialized proceedures such as replacing the rear brake pads or messing
the A/C, or the heater core, they are far better than the pap put out by
or Haynes.
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