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Re: Restricter size??

Am I mistaken, or does the 86 SVO already make about 18 psi and, therefore,
drilling out the restricter would gain you nothing.  Please advise.

Ted R. Schwartz
86 SVO (now up to 7,600 miles, man the miles are piling up on this baby :)
93 Cobra (ProCharger)
94 Lightning

> From: Dean and Terri Rich <dtrich@golden.net>
> To: svo@SmartWorx.com
> Subject: Restricter size??
> Date: Wednesday, July 23, 1997 7:58 PM
> >So, the restrictor size affects the magnitude
> >of the pressure bleed-off when the boost control valve is open, fooling
> >10psi wastegate to open at higher compressor output pressures. Larger
orifice =
> >more bleed off = more boost before the wastegate opens.
> >
> Hi All!
>         I just recently did this modification, and yes I was a little
> apprehensive about drilling out the stock tee. But I did it and wrote
> the hole sizes so that i would know what would make the stock boost vs.
> drilled out boost.
>         I believe that the stock hole in the port was between .047"
> this gave 12 psi of boost. It dosen't take much to get more about
> .052"-.055" will give you aprox. 18 psi. You will notice a good
> in acceleration and the sound of the turbo swallowing large amounts of
> will make you smile a great deal. This was as far as I dared to go and I
> heard that the stock turbo was not efficient beyond this point.
>                                                 -Dean
> Dean84286SVO