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Hi All,
  This is my first post, so I'll intro myself. Right now, I own an
85 XR and I'm about to buy an 86 SVO (I'm pretty excited!). No
major mods done to my XR except a nice exhaust system / K&N filters/
MSD ignition / 15-16lbs of boost. This question is gonna be wierd. 
I went to a muffler shop to ask them if they could bend pipes for 
an intercooler installation for my XR. After showing him the 
intercooler, my local radiator/exhaust expert (say 'expert' with 
a muffled laugh) says he's got a great idea. Why not just use a 
modified radiator as an intercooler! WHAT THE....? That's not 
possible right?!?! He tells me its complety possible. (gulp)
I thought there was a fairly big difference between the two!
I'm thinking I don't want this guy working on my car - with talk
like that he makes me nervous!! This feeling is justified, right?!

                                                   85 XR

If this post made any of you laugh out loud, I'm glad I could
brighten your day. ;-)