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Re: attemp 2 SVO

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Mike Ray wrote:

> 3.... Least important, I done got a sandblaster to relieve stress :-).
> I've never played w/ one before. I bought a bag of sandbox sand (fine,
> filtered) thinking that not having little stones in it would be a good
> thing. I read the bag, it says don't use for sandblasting or industrial
> uses! Why? Will this clog or ruin my gun? I haven't used it yet
Well, soory that the question I can reply to is the one you care the least
about, but:)
I use play sand all the time in mine. About the only reason I can think it
says not to is cuz I read on one of the labels that it can somehow cause
cancer if you ingest it, and maybe cuz of someother liability..Which
brings me to the point, if u never used one, make SURE you wear long
pants, socks(pulled up), shoes(duh), possibly long sleeve shirt, particle
mask or old respirator, saftey glasses, and a ball cap...Basically you
want to have as little skin exposed as possible, cuz that stuff really
richochets everywhere, and will get in every crevice on your body...and
hair, ugh, jus make sure you wear a hat:)


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