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SVO Digest 07-28-97


To clear the air,  SVOASC@AOL.COM left involuntarily, and Joe Morgan left
voluntarily.  I consider Joe's leaving, a loss to the list.  If you didn't
learn anything from Joe, you just weren't listening.

First of all, I physically checked, and the FMS shifter knob, and the 87 GT
shifter knob WILL NOT screw on to a stock SVO shifter HANDLE, as I had
previously stated, in error.  The FMS knob is not as heavy, nor as nice as
the SVO's stock shifter knob.  An 87-89 stock Ford shifter is a short throw
model.  Adding the FMS knob, makes it look a lot like the stock SVO
shifter, for not a lot of beans, like about $59, almost new.  It is an
improvement over the earilier SVO Hurst shifter which was a long throw.  I
prefer the plastic 87 GT knob for racing.  Replacing the rubber handle
mount with anything you can come up with that's solid, will drastically
improve it's feel.  I used ball bearing races.  Metal bushings are
available from several vendors.  I was quoted $15 at Carlisle.  Replace the
bolts too.  Thanks to those who corrected me.

To install a 5.0 T-5 in a 4 cyl, have the input shaft ground down to the
inside diameter of a 4 cyl pilot bearing.  The shaft is easily removable
from the front.  Cost me $70 locally.  I highly recommend this modification
for earlier SVOs with the REALLY steep 4.03 first gear.  You'll want to
change the rear axle gears with this tranny, though.  I have 4.10s in mine.
 I'm still undecided as to whether or not I want 4.30s instead.

I have not received any FAQ input.  At the least, make a list of what
topics you think should be in the FAQ, and forward it to me, so we don't
have to rehash it for new members.

To post to the List, send mail to SVO-Owner@Smartworx.com or reply to the
If you send mail here, I will assume it is for the list.  I will often
reply from here, so if you reply to me, from here, it will go to the list.
Pay attention "who" is posting.  If you don't want it to go to the list,
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To send mail to me;

No one has to do anything, to receive the SVO Digest.  Figure once a day,
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The list will be "heavily moderated" from this point on.


From: Monty Abbott <monty@loop.com>
To: "SVO-Owner@Smartworx.com" <SVO-Owner@Smartworx.com>
Subject: SVO list - AC just went out!
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 19:31:50 -0400
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   Sunday morning while driving to the South Bay Mustang event
my Air-Condition went out.  There were no warnings and I didn't
hear anything (like a pressurized hose) blow.  So, for thhe rest of
the trip down I keep the selector on the "vent" setting.  I notice that
the heater/AC fan keeps going OFF when I accelerate, then comes
back ON when I let off the pedal.  At no time do I hear the AC
compressor kicking in, or the compressor clutch engaging... or
whatever you normally hear when an AC comes on.

The 86 SVO recently had all the AC hose seals changed and the
system recharged.  It could be that a seal might have had a premature
failure, but I suspect a control unit has gone or maybe somethings
up with my vacuum system.  Anybody got any thoughts?

 Thanks,  Monty

From: Mike Ray <Mike.Ray@skycell.com>
To: "'SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com'" <SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com>
Subject: SVO list cam for dean
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:50:34 -0400
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Me too! Me too! (Sorry Dave, hadda do it)

Dean, I've got the A231 FMS cam and the roller rockers in mine (a free
cam is a free cam and better than the factory "C") . Yes, I also have
some upper valve train noise and a somewhat lumpy idle. I wouldn't say
it's real bad. Maybe even a little better idle than Dave's Engle. I
think the rollers just make more noise. I put a screwdriver up to the
cover and it sounds pretty good. It's even all the way back with no
areas louder than another.

Suggestion: if not already done, try synthetic oil. This really helped
smooth my motor out.

Dean, you lost me on the "glass smooth" part. I thought these motors
were notorious for poor idle?

As for the cam, can someone tell me what it was designed for? Top end???
I put the cam, rollers, and new followers in when I bought the car. It
didn't run prior so I don't have a baseline for comparison. I do
remember driving Rod's car last year and noticing that the stock `84 cam
had alot more bottom end than mine with the A231. 


>         I installed the Ford Motorsport rollar
> cam(collective...ohhhhh!).Yes, I know that it wasn't the best choice
> but
> let's say I am trying to work with it.
>         I am not sure what is causeing it but I am getting a very
> "lumpy"
> idle and valve train rattle at idle, it's not alot but pisses me off
> every
> time I hear it. If I remember correctly the stock idle on these cars
> was
> "glass smooth" with no noise at all emiting from the valve cover.
>         I have heard a two explainations for this 1- my aluminium
> flywheels
> reduced inertia is causing pulses at idle. 2-the ramps on the cam are
> not
> right for a rollar style follower,why I don't know I just heard this.

From: Cory Erickson <ericksco@mhd1.moorhead.msus.edu>
To: "SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com" <SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com>
Subject: Autocrossing/solo II gear ratios???
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 07:55:11 -0400
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Well, as most people already know I do not have an SVO. I am the proud
owner of a '78 Pinto WITH an '88 TurboCoupe motor and a C-3 Pinto tranny.
Even though my car is not the same the motor basically is, and I am in
need of some advice for a 1st gear final drive ratio that works
successfully in solo II events.

I am interested in hearing what rear gear/first gear ratios have worked
best with some owner's SVO's. I presently am using a 3.25 open rear and
2.44 first gear. I never had to shift into second through the entire
course ;)



From: Jim Dvorak <jim@mustangsvo.org>
To: "SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com" <SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com>
Subject: OOPS! August 4 Event Canceled!
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:07:12 -0400
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My previous announcement on the Saturday August 4 event was in error --
Event rescheduled!

From: Jim Dvorak <jim@mustangsvo.org>
To: "SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com" <SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com>
Subject: So. Cal. Event/Tech Opportunity
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 12:40:19 -0400
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By Popular Demand...

We will be doing another Turbo Ford Owners at Malibu Grand Prix San Diego
event this Saturday, August 4 starting about 10:00 a.m. until about 1:00
p.m. Come to hang out, or come to drive -- bring your helmets if you have

Many of you enjoyed meeting Mike Fleming when he came out from Arizona last
May for one of our Malibu events. An all-around nice guy, Mike is the SVO
Owners Association National Technical Director. Besides being an SVO
fanatic, he's also a former Ferrari technician and a former Bondurant
instructor -- he knows of what he speaks, and he speaks frankly and
forthright. Even our own local Guru, Neil Chirico, bends his ear!

We'll probably have lunch at a local coffee shop afterwards, and perhaps
make a run to Jake's Mustang Dismantling after lunch.

Contact me for more information the above event!

Jim Dvorak

From: Carl Morris <Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com>
To: SVO List <SVO-Owner@SmartWorx.com>
Subject: I'm back...
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 11:31:41 -0400
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	Dang, I go away for a few days to buy a house,
and you guys went nuts! ;-)  Thanks to the double
copies from this list, and the stuff from the
Fordnatics list I had over 500 messages this morning!
Here's a few things I wanted to address:

I said:
>> I don't believe (based on
>> experience) that restriction from the solenoid is at all a factor
>> when it is open.  Its orifice is MUCH larger than the orifice
>> upstream at the "T".  For me, totally removing the solenoid made
>> no difference in peak boost.  It stayed right at the standard 14psi.
>> Drilling out the orifice in the "T" is the only way to get more than
>> 14psi (as long as the wastegate and diaphragm are functioning as designed).

>> This can all be avoided if you want to remove the "T" and install a
>> good electronic boost controller...

Dave said:
> That's a contradiction ot what you just said above, if you place the EBC's
> controller where the solenoid was.

My reply:

No, I'm saying take out the "T", and just have one hose from the
pressure side of the turbo to the wast