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Re: Front brake caliper piston seizure?

Ron Writes:

>To top it off some asshole (in a Cavalier Z24 no less-probably with a tank
>and 6 pounds of gold chains) yells out "buy a Chevy" on the Pike. I'll find 
>him later. 


I drive the Pike quite a bit.  What color Cavalier?  Better not be the dork
who tried to race me on the Pike at 1am and I cleaned his clock.  Better
not be Aquamarine!  If it is, I'm going to start forming the hit list.  You
should have shouted back "get a real powertrain" for that 3.1 matched with
the auto, or even the stick, is a sad representation of power/in^3 in its
best light.  All 150 horses of that <beast> is too much(Weak, weak, weak)
for me.  Some chick in a Beretta GT thought she had my number...I'm sure
she thought, hmm, bigger engine=more power.  That's what those big block
guys think too!  I don't think so, folks, Forced Induction Will Always
Rule!  May the Boost Be With You Too!


Brian Guild
President, TurboCoupe Club of America
1988 TurboCoupe "BOOST"
see it at: http://www.mothers.com/coolcars_cstmr/coolcars_cstmr.html