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SVO down, Audi up!

Chris and Gary:
        Was browsing the quattro list (q-list), and came across a gentlemen
who had sent in a car comparison from the May 1985 issue of Car and Driver.
The cars were:
        Camaro Berlinetta
        Chrysler Laser XE
        MUSTANG SVO  
        Nissan 300ZX
        Misubishi Starion
        Merkur XR4Ti (Ford's lame attempt at being Euro)
        Toyota Supra
        AUDI COUPE GT   

Here's the cool part:  they finished in the above order (Camaro was rated
last, Audi rated first!).  Oh, look at that, poor little SVO came in 6th!
Actually, it apparently tied for 5th/6th with the 300ZX.  If you don't
believe it, go to periodicals and look it up!  The proof's in the pudding.
Sorry, I guess I'm pouring it on a little thick - I'm just giving you guys a
hard time!
        And another cool part:  The coupes from this year are basically
Tanya's 4000 less two rear doors and plus a hatchback!  The report
apparently said regarding the SVO that "Big biceps just aren't enough!"
        Car and Driver liked everything about the coupe; ride quality,
interior, steering responsiveness, clutch throw, the sound of the engine at
idle and high RPMs. . . They even said the power, while not extreme, was
adequate, and shifting was not necessary nearly as often as you might think
with only 110 ponies.  This coupe, by the way, also has the exact same
engine as Tanya's 4k, but is not a quattro.  They said they could seriously
not find anything to fault the car on except that the appearance was a
little dated (same body style since '80), and referred to it as ". . . the
athlete of automobiles" because it held its own in every driving condition
from city to twisty mountains.
        Well, just wanted to remind you of who makes the greatest autos!
Oh, and Chris, Tanya says she'll take you up on that offer to race as long
as it's in the winter.