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Re: Quartermile in the 10's SVO LIST part 2

yes I very much like all cars with the 2.3 turbo motors,, and I really do
like Joes pinto.  Its very fast, and I have alot of respect for it.. My
biggest question is.. Why is it that you can't get a SVO to run low 11s or
even 10s,  but you can get a pinto to do it..  If we stripped the power
windows and door locks out of the SVO, along with all the interior, and put
fiberglass race seats in ,  no back seats now..oh yea, don't forget that 6
point roll cage; small tires on the front and big ones in the rear.  Ohhhhh.
DOT approved cheater slicks.  No power steering, no A/C, took the bumpers
out,, and then did a little tiny nitrous system, say  40 hp maybe!!!  Could
we get it to run low 11s or high 10s....