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Hey Bill,  I bought a set of Koni Yellows for the rear (shocks)  and red Koni
struts for the front,, I was told by Koni that yellows were not availble for
the SVO. (struts only)
I kind of regret buying the yellows for the rear, as I got a horible bounce
from the rear end while driving around.. Every little bump I hit resulted in
a kidney busting bounce,,  Like some of these young fools running around with
loud stereos, that have take the shocks out of there rides, and cut the
springs to lower their cars,, this is what it looked and felt like driving
around around the block.. I had set the rear shocks to FULL FIRM,, after
setting them to full soft,,that got rid of most of the bounce.. I also
installed Eibach springs.. I dont know if that help create the problem,, I
would stick with Reds all the way around...