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Re: Dear Mr. ASC...rebut

Hey Joe,, the weather is ok here, just hot as hell,  There are no hard
feelings on my end concerning your pinto or what you've done to it.. Like Ive
said all over this Mailing list,  I like you, as we have chated a good bit in
the past!  And there is nothing personal here!  It just seems that everytime
there is a discussion on going fast, and the diffferent ways to do it, there
is so much mis-information, and some of it could be on my part, as I can only
tell what I've been told, or what I've read from a magizine issue reguarding
the 2.3 turbo, and not some hopped up 5.0 or Buick GN.. You know I don't know
how old you are, if your a snot noised kid w/ a fast pinto, or a collage
Scholar that knows a hell of alot!!  And if you call this 2.3 turbo stuff a
science of sorts, because no ones car, or combination of parts is going to do
the same from one car to another,, If you put your combo  In a svo, and
weighted 2500lbs, would it run the same as your pinto,, I feel that it would
not.. And every time there is something said about a SVO running fast times,(
or at least what most others feel that is fast) there is always some sni
comment, or "Oh well, thats not so fast, compared to My________"(whatever car
it may be...) or  "Well I was running that way back then ( in the past),"
There are alot of us out here, that are trying to go fast, and I feel that
no-one needs to hear anything Inferior about SVOs that are fast, or ones that
are trying to go fast.. Or just that false sence, that Hey You just spent all
thoes thousands of dollars, and you're not as fast as me!!   So Joe, I hope
there are no hard feeling on your end, its just that Ive sat back and heard
these kind of things being said for months,, and I felt that I needed to say
something in responce,, as I truely am  a dyed in the wool  SVO Nut,, And I'd
Fight anyone that had anything to say negitive about a SVO MUSTANG , that
includes my own family,,as its come down to that in the past.. Well Joe,,
Thanks for the ear... SVOASC