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Re: Misc.information on Leather Comp Prep

Dear Neil,
It's nice to see you remember the "Rohn" car after all these years.  Funny
when I purchased the only 85.5 Comp Prep with Leather and CA DSO I was
not taking the Leather (Jim would have sold it that way) (and I just bought a
Full option 85.5 the day before and wanted to save money).  I'm glad he
talked me into taking it complete(though I didn't get the extra parts, (you
know)).  Since then
I've sold the White car to Rob Sweet and have a Single Wing 86 (funny Rohn
owned that car at one time too.) Stop by on your next visit, haven't see you
since SCCA at Goodyear.  Next event I'll have a REAL car for you to try!
 Flemming is pushing
for 2.3 EFI TC-I'm trying but I could be very competitive with a 6.1.
(602) 786-6031