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Re: :-(

BBS's kinda suck.  I don't like them cuz 1 day after a thread starts
everyone mves on to something else.  Plus every shithead and their brother
can post, and its kinda hard to kick a trouble maker(Although I did knock
that guy FOX off like I did to you that nite Joe:).  Also, it sucks to
have to wait for Nutscrape to load each message, then send each message to
the site, etc. 
Kinda nice to be able to jus sit here and hit D, D, D, R,tyoe some crap,
ctrl X, Y, etc(joe should atleast have an idea what i mean with all that)

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Joe Morgan wrote:

> I'm ready...
> How about a BBS like on the Corral and Saleen?  Dvorak was talking about
> doing one, but I haven't heard from him in a while.
> The Riceboy page has a link to where he got the software for the
> BBS...and Cory said I (we?) could put whatever I wanted on the page...
> ????
> Joe

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