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Re: Carl W. list

Chris Roth wrote:
> No sense in running two lists for 2.3L turbos.  I like his format, I will
> just join his list and see how it works.

Sounds good, I'll plan on all of us going that route for now.
>From the SVO list mail today, it sounds like Dave's still
thinking everything is fine, he's just trying to find new
listserver software to solve the problem.  We'll see...

> I will be heading down to Bandimere test night tomorrow, Wednesday, to run
> the 86.  I just finished reworking the front headlamps and markers.  I
> ordered NEW headlamps and polished the light markers on each side of the
> headlamps.  It is starting to look pretty sharp!
> I plan on making a couple of runs with just the K&N filter with the stock
> Intercooler, car cooled also.  I will then make a couple of runs with the
> sticky tires to establish a new baseline. Finally I will switch over to the
> TC Intercooler.  Maybe I can squeeze a 14 second run out by the end of the
> night.

I'll figure on probably going tomorrow night, unless something goes
wrong.  Let me know if you cancel for some reason.  Later...