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Re: exhaust

Date:  Thu, 21 Aug 1997 06:44:25 -0700 (PDT)
To:  Carl Wahlin <cwahlin@helios.acomp.usf.edu>
From: andyh@seattleu.edu
Subject:  Re: exhaust

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997, Carl Wahlin wrote:
> I just ordered a few 3" Mandrel bends from Summit, and I got a hold of a 3"
> 3 chamber flowmaster. What I'm going to do is use the downpipe from my
> Turbo Coupe, but only around emission check time. Then, the rest of the
> year, I'm thinking of having a 3" downpipe without a cat...
> Carl Wahlin

You are a gluttin for punishment.... that will be a lot of work every two
years!!  It is my understanding that the new high flow cats help emissions
just as much as the stock ones but flow as effieciently as if they weren't
there.  And if you ask me, I personally think that the SMALL amount of
horses you get from taking the cat off won't be worth having to play
around with your exhaust system every two years.  Just my $0.02.