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Re: exhaust

Date:  Thu, 21 Aug 1997 13:36:18 -0400
To:  "UND" <cwahlin@helios.acomp.usf.edu>,
From: cwahlin@tampabay.rr.com
Subject:  Re: exhaust

I'm having a friend of mine, Scott, help me. He's on this list as well. I
don't know how much it would cost to have it done. Depends on how long it
would take I guess. I welding shop takes about $40 an hour I think... I'm
not very good at these price estimations :)
Carl Wahlin

> > 
> >  I just ordered a few 3" Mandrel bends from Summit, and I got a hold of
> 3"
> >  3 chamber flowmaster. What I'm going to do is use the downpipe from my
> >  Turbo Coupe, but only around emission check time. Then, the rest of
> >  year, I'm thinking of having a 3" downpipe without a cat...
> >  Carl Wahlin
> >  
> Cool, Are you installing it yourself?  What do you think I should look
for as
> a reasonable price to have someone install a 3 inch system similar to
> you just described??
> Thanks again,
> Brett - 85' TC Looking to get a single 3inch exhaust.