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Re: exhaust

Date:  Thu, 21 Aug 1997 21:09:53 -0400 (EDT)
To:  cwahlin@helios.acomp.usf.edu
From: Nova4life@aol.com
Subject:  Re: exhaust

<Just thought I'd throw in my two cents, I don't think a 3" exhaust is
necessary on a 2.3 turbo street car. A 2.5" is more than adequate from
what I can see. One of my friends runs a high 10 sec GN and he uses a 3"
single, but I doubt that a street driven 2.3 will ever see need for that
large an exhaust. On another point, the turbine outlet on the stock
Garret T-3 on 83-86 TC's is only 2.25", the IHI found on the 87-88 is
2.5". Neither would hardly accept a 3" downpipe without modification or
a reducer. I used the 87-88 complete exhaust on my 85 TC (required
modification to fit turbo, stock mufflers, minus cat at the track and
could not see a difference between this system and completely open
exhaust. The car was a fully loaded 85 2.3 liter TC, 5 speed, stock 3.45
rear, and BFG ZR radials, and was running 13.80's. If you have to have
it, go 3", otherwise save your money for other go fast parts.

Mike Sitar
87 TC
85 TC was 2.3 powered, then twin turbo 351W powered, then dodge ram
powered. (now totaled)>
Do you think it's legal to go from a transverse cataylitic convertor to an in
line design.  Most of the muffler shops here aren't interested in putting a
3inch system on.  I might go with the 2.5 inch  system.  I want to keep the
downpipe to tailpipe the same diameter..
Thanks for the input,