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Re: The strip

Date:  Thu, 21 Aug 1997 13:27:11 -0600
To:  Carl Morris <Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com>
From: caroth@holly.colostate.edu
Subject:  Re: The strip


All I can say is whip, whip, whip.  Just Kidding!!  Hope can not wait to
get my first house. 

All the rest on the list:

I have a bone stock 86 SVO with 80k and a nice rod knock in the motor.  I
have started the modification process changing on thing at a time and
testing it a the drag strip.

Bone stock with 14psi boost and street tires my best time was a 15.6@87mph.
 I am up in Denver at 5,800ft

Well you missed a great night for racing...I ran 8 runs before 7pm and then
2 after that.  

Here is the scoop on the testing:

With the only change being the K&N conical filter I stepped up to a
15.3@89.  Prevoius was a 15.6@87.  I speed shifted all four gears with the
street tires and K&N and ran a 15.2@91.  Both runs were with street tires,
stock Intercooler and K&N filter with 15psi of boost.

Next I switched to sticky tires but had problems heating them and ran the
same time and mph.  I just add the next modification and go from there, the
T-Bird TC intercooler.  My first run the boost stepped up to 18psi and all
the way through 3rd it spuddered and ran a 15.3@89.  I backed the boost off
to 15psi and ran two runs at 15.0xx@89.8x.  Both times the car spuddered in
third gear.  My last run I had done it,  I either blew a hole in one of the
USED TC hoses or the TC Intercooler is leaking.  I ran a shameful
26.5@51mph.  The car would not run under boost which tells me that there is
a leak in the hoses around the intercooler or the intercooler itself.

On my 85 SVO, the TC Intercooler gave me almost 3mph and .3 seconds in the
quarter, but this Intercooler upgrade was after the 3" exhaust upgrade.  So
my theory is this:  The TC Intercooler will only help after you put the
better exhaust system in place.  

Next on the mods is a 3" downpipe for the 86 and then after that ATR 2.5"
cat back system.  I also need to install some sort of roll control to keep
the car still when heating the tires.  My 60' times only improved to a 2.1
from a 2.3.  Stay tuned...


Chris Roth @ work....shhhh don't tell my boss 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)