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Re: Bandimere on Wednesday

Chris Roth wrote:

> I will try to make it to bandimere on Wednesday for the test and
> tune.  I will bring the TC Intercooler and tires.

That'll be great if it happens.  If not, we're just going to have
fun messing around, and I'll try to get together with you to get
into the 14s before they close for the fall.

> >       I just wanted to let everyone know that I
> > will definitely be at Bandimere this Wednesday
> > afternoon/evening for the test&tune session.  My
> > little brother will be in town, and I'm doing my
> > best to corrupt him ;-).  See you if I see you...
> How seroius is "serious"? 

I just meant that we'll be doing the karts you're thinking of,
rather than going to one of the cheesy places where they put
governors on cheap ones.

> You can count me in of the go-cart thing
> but I will not be able to get down there until about 5:30pm.
> Hopefully you can wait and meet me there then.

Yeah, if you're into it, we could plan on meeting you.
Do me a favor and call me at (303)452-5825 on Tuesday night
and we'll set things up then.