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Re: centerforce DOES suck!

Date:  Tue, 26 Aug 1997 06:25:59 -0400 (EDT)
To:  cwahlin@helios.acomp.usf.edu, svlist@cadvision.com
From: BGM109@aol.com
Subject:  Re: centerforce DOES suck!

4 what its worth, I had  2 replace my clutch, pressure plate and trans mount.
the cheapest I could find at dicount auto ( 85 bucks for the works including
gear oil )
and have flogged the shit out of it and its holding great. Can't say the same
about the 
motor mounts.   p.s. thanks RJTBIRD I had looked at em when I first bought
it, but when
I saw the trans mount in two pieces I assumed I had found the problem.
Speaking of problems.  Got an oil leak on a line that runs into the turbo.
Tried to fix with blue silicone gasket crap but it didn't hold. any ideas.
 It's my first turbo and I admit I don't know a lot about em but I'm sure
that it's rather important to make sure that it stays lubrecated(the turbo
that is)  :-{)   
Thanks, BGM109