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Re: Oil Light

At 11:56 PM 8/21/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Hey guys,
>Lately I've been noticing my "Check Oil" light coming on.  Oil
>Pressure/level is fine, and it seems to come on mostly when I've turned the
>car off, and start it againg within 10-15 minutes.
>This "Check Oil" light is the bottom one (fourth down) on the driver side
>of the dash.  This car is an 86, I had an 84, and I seem to remember the
>same light being the EGO/EGT light. Do 86's have a "Check Oil" light, or
>has the bezel/lens  been changed?
>James E. Reese


My '86 "Check Oil" light comes on when starting after a brief stop when my
oil level is a *hair* low -- meaning about 1/8 inch up from the "add" mark
-- yet still in the "safe" zone. Add about a 1/2 quart and see if it goes
away. One thing to remember is that switches, gauges and dipsticks vary in
their accuracy.

Jim Dvorak
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