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Parts for sale..

Hey guys....  Got some parts you might be interested in..

2.3l Shortblock from 87 Turbo Coupe, 88k miles: $150

T-5 Transmission from 87 Turbo Coupe, 88k miles: $250

Rapido "SVO+" Computer and Vane meter package: $250

New <Less than 200 miles> Garrett T-3 Turbo: $185

Complete 8.8 rearend w/3.55's and rear discs from an 87 TC <will bolt in a
mustang>:  $310

Ford Motorsport/Spearco Intercooler w/intercooler lines and compresser
by-pass valve for the turbo coupe <im not sure if it will fit exactly on a
SVO, but im sure with a few small mods, it'd work fine>:  $250

I am located in Madison, Wisconsin... Shipping shouldnt cost to much on
anything, the rearend would be the most expensive thing to ship, and that
should be less than $100 if your in the states...  Anyways, please let me
know asap if your interested in anything!!