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SVO - book value and stuff

It's made my do to have The List back on and in an unmoderated form.  While
they've been gone I've been spending way too much time cruising the rooms for
lack of List messages to edit and cogitate on.  Am also looking forward to
hearing about what SVO biz Dave and Tim might have taken care of or indulged
themselves in on their hiatus.

On to something others here may have been having a problem with, namely
getting an appraisal/valuation done on an SVO.  They have gone out of the
NADA book which even though an instrument of the automobile sales cartel
known as the Auto Dealer's Association it seems that is all the lending
institutions are willing to use.  Kelly's lists them as does CPI (Cars of
Particular Interest).  I have a buyer for my '86 but can't get any of his
lending institutions to accept the validity of either of the two "alternate",
or in this case, only, valuation guide's values for the SVO.  The only
independent automobile appraiser within a sixty mile radius of where I am is
associated with a Kubelwagon (150k Mercedes SUV) dealer who has made himself
seem so disdainful of so pedestrian a vehicle as my beloved SVO that after
two aborted appointments I have decided he will not get a $150 appraisal fee
from me.  Does anybody have any suggestions or comments on having possibly
been in the same predicament?

On the subject of the first post to the newly reinstated non-moderted
(hooray) SVO ListServer, my oil light has never come on except when cornering
hard when the oil level is down to half between the "safe" and "max" level.
 Has always made me wonder if there has been any oil starvation to the turbo,
albeit a very short one, though there has never been any evidence of it.
 Jim's response has put my wonderment pretty much to rest though I can't
understand how there could be anything less than a drop in oil pressure to
indicate a low condition unless that sensor that goes into the side of the
oil pan is a level indicator.