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Re: Spearco IC

On Wed, 27 Aug 1997, Ron Myrick wrote:

> I've heard a few people mention the Spearco unit. I pulled one from an '86 
> Tcoupe a couple months ago. The core is nearly identical in size to the SVOs 
> (but it can't be disassembled for cleaning). Is there any benefit to this unit 
> vs. the stock SVO unit. I can't figure out if the losses due to the extra 
> piping to mount in front of the radiator is worth the decreased temperature 
> that would accompany this location. Any thoughts?

I would seriously doubt the front mount could hurt.  I never actually had
any experiance with the stock intercooler until I met Carl Whalin, nad I
must say, what a peice of crap.  The car runs for more than 3 minutes with
the hood closed its already warm.  Threse no way in hell it cools down
that fast when u get up to speed quickly(ie drag race).
The SVO and stock T Bird intercooler reminds me of those things they used
to have on carb'd cars for the people up north.  YOu know, that pipe that
came off the air cleaner and went down to that shroud covering the exhaust
manifold.  Pre heats the air quite nicely, jus lke an SVO intercooler.
Also, I have a smallish front mount on the pinto.  The line from the turbo
to the intercooler is run outside of the engine compartment, but the line
to the throttle body runs inside the engine compartment. Funny how I can
romp on the car, pull over, and the line to the intercooler will be warm,
the intercooler will be cool, and the line to the throttle body will be
hot. All that underhood heat.

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