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Re: Spearco water injection system

At 05:03 AM 8/28/97 -0700, you wrote:
>If you are running the Spearco intercooler unit and still get some
>detonation, you may be running a little lean or to much timing.

Timing is at factory spec but I agree it could be (probably is) a lean
condition. I have an 84 SVO with the smaller 28 lb/hour injectors. I tried
putting the 35 lb/hour injectors on but ran into problems with it bogging
at sharp throttle transitions and a fair amount of black smoke at WOT. I
was afraid of contaminating the oil with too much gas so I put the smaller
injectors back in. Another possibility could be carbon deposits in the
combustion chamber. I figure the water/methanol mix will help if its a lean
condition as well as help clean out the combustion chamber if the problem
is deposits.

Over the winter I will be building a replacement ECU so I will be able to 
use larger injectors with impunity.