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Second try at the track


I am a happy camper...

Ran at New England Dragway, for the second time in my life last night.

My 1988 Thunderbird TC is still stock, with the exception of K&N 6"
diameter cone filter...took off boost modification etc.

Before I ran, I let the car sit for 1/2 hour, while I iced down the whole
throttle body, upper intake and intercooler.  

Then I ran the car... 16.1 @ 85.3 YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!
I had 87 octane in the car, firm ride activated, and timing switch in
"premium" postion.

My personal best, over a time of 16.3 @ 84, and I still bogged the launch a
bit.  No doubt in my mind that this TC is a high 15's car, in stock trim,
no less, and if I was running 94 octane last night, I am absolutely sure I
would have been in the high 15's.

So, for any "Doubting Thomas" out there, who parrots R&T and C&D times for
their 1988 Thunderbird TC (similar to a jerk named Steve Baerts, less the
Tbird, add an SVT Cobra), dammit, stop it.  Go out and run your car, since,
it is a whole lot faster, to the tune of a whole SECOND, than those
companies tested it.  BTW, R&T and C&D tested the car @ 16.8 and 16.7
respectively in the quarter mile.  What a bunch of crazies.  

Also, never whine about "drag racing not being exciting"!  I was pretty
excited to see a "Cummins Turbo Diesel semi-tractor trailer truck bake his
rear wheels up, and throw smoking rubber shavings onto the hood of my
Tbird, all with flames coming out of his stacks, and then run a 17.5 in the
quarter.  What does one of those things weight, 6000lbs?  Also, I almost
saw a Corvette buy it, and hit a wall.  Kept spinning left to right on the
launch, but, eventually got a hook.  Now, if that isn't exciting to you,
then your name is <Eh, hum, STEVE BAERTS>.  And, if your name is <Steve
Baerts> you own a fast car, that your too puss to run at the track, so your
make excuses.

Comments, welcome.  I love BOOST.