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Re: My parts.

Hi Chris, the stike put me two weeks behind on parts. Stock intercooler,
stock fuel system, I would go with stock size valves but better. As for the
camshaft I would stay with the stock Ford camshaft. If you what a great cam
that will never wear out and give you more power, my roller cam is the only
way to go. As for the turbo you can go with a stage I upgrade, it will flow
about 425 cfm @ 72%.
Costs  are, the cylinder head kit that we sell to the list is $1480.00. 
Kit includes, porting and polishing of your cylinder head, exhaust manifold,
upper and lower intake manifold. 
comp multi angle valve seat cut and remachining of the bowls and combustion
resurfacing of the head and exhaust manifold
installing new valve guides
installing of new camshaft bearings
new stainless steel EVE 8 swirl polished valves[stock size]
our roller camshaft kit / new valve springs, spring retainers, valve keepers,
lifters, roller rockers, lash caps, roller camshaft,  valve stem seals, and
camshaft break-in lube.
This set-up will make over 270hp @ 20lbs of boost with a stock turbo and a
bigger intercooler.
With a better turbo you can do the same with 15-17 lbs of boost. The cost of
the turbo will be about $740.00 plus a $100.00 core.
You can take your T/C intercooler and cut off the stock outlet and have a 2
1/2'' od outlet added. This will help the intercooler flow more air. The
bigger turbo will give you cooler air temps and the redone intercooler will
let you flow more air.
All E-mailed orders will get a 10% discount off of the cylinder head kit
price. If you what to change or add something to the kit the 10% discount
will still be allowed. If you need more info pleae let me know. Thanks again,