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Re: Second try at the track

On Thu, 28 Aug 1997, Brian Guild wrote:

> Before I ran, I let the car sit for 1/2 hour, while I iced down the whole
> throttle body, upper intake and intercooler.  
What some guy was tellin me that runs a factory placed intercooler is he
leaves the ice bag on it for the whole run.  It must take away alot of
heat, cuz he said a full bag of ice will be a bag of water with a few
remnants of cubes after the run.

> saw a Corvette buy it, and hit a wall.  Kept spinning left to right on the
> launch, but, eventually got a hook.  Now, if that isn't exciting to you,

The guy ever hear of the term "lifting"? it means get off the friggin gas
when you are about to meet the wall!

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