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Bare Head?

I have just finishing stripping down a head off a 1988 TC.  It will be
on its way to a machine shop next week for some work.

Staying somewhat reasonable in price, what is the best head to build to
put on my 1986 SVO (Turbo flowing 15% more air than stock, boost at 20
psi, 42 lb/hr inj, stock intercooler)?  I also have a Crane HI-6 and
PS-91 coil, 3" exhaust.

Is the extra money of a roller cam worth the extra horsepower?  Is there
a difference between the roller cam offered by Racer Walsh (they think
it's the best, but if they didn't I would be worried) and the Ford
Motorsport unit?

Has anyone documented horsepower gains by enlarging the intake and
exhaust valves to 1.89/1.59?

Why is everyone nuts about the Engle cam?  Is it that much better than
anything out there?

Anyway, I'm open to thoughts, ideas, tips, or tricks.


Chuck Tristani
86 SVO still needs paint