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Turbo Group Purchase

  Today, I spoke to a representative from Texas Turbo and inquired about
turbo upgrades for our cars.  Stage 1 consists of the famous GN wheel
upgrade, good for 300hp/500 cfm, either the .48 or .63 A/R ratio.  He said
with all the porting on my head/intake and a bigger downpipe, that the
benefits of a .63 A/R will be wanted and the lag wouldn't be much different
(if any?) on a  .48A/R turbo.  Their regular price is $545 and $170 core
charge on a non-cracked Compressor housing. The group price would recieve a
7% discount and if I am doing my math right that is about $381 plus the core
charge for a new upgraded turbo!  All we need is 10 commited buyers, actually
make that 9 since I want one.  Comments/ questions?