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Hey Guys,

Just thought I would pass on some info about the Ford Expo held this
weekend in Columbus, OH (National Trails Dragway). The Ohio chapter of
SVOOA hosted a mini meet for SVOs. A total of 21 SVOs were present.
David Larocque, chairman of SVOOA was present. SVOOA regional reps for
Great Lakes region, Tennessee, Ohio, & Kentucky were also present. A few
of the SVOs present were 'for sale'. I thought I would share some of the
pricing of cars and parts with you guys..just for a reference I guess.

Price ranges were: 

84, Med Canyon Red, High miles, leather, sunroof, torn interior (whole
car kinda ragged)..$2500

85, black, 18k miles, cloth, very nice condition, $12,500 or make offer.

85, Med Canyon Red, 51k miles, cloth, $8,000 or best offer-let's deal 
(he didn't want to drive it back home).

85 1/2, white (repaint), 57k miles, cloth (in mint shaped), sunroof,
some rust in the doors..showing bubbling in the new paint. $5,500 obo.

86, Jalapeno Red, 67k miles, wrecked...was in nice shape (interior,
engine, and otherwise) prior to being hit hard in front driver
side-front, $2,000.

Also there were some parts:

4 wheels with so-so tires..$400

84-85 Hood & Front nose with headlight support complete (2 marker lights
were broken) $300 for the pair....that's right...$300 for the pair.

Sorry guys...I didn't get any phone numbers. But, maybe you can contact
David LaRocque in a couple of days (when he gets back home)....he might
have some ###'s. David also had 5 or 6 SVO steering wheels...fresh
'rewraps' for sale....I think he sold 4 of them...again, I didn't need
one so for some strange reason I didn't even ask him the price.

Sorry you guys couldn't have been there...the row of SVOs was a sight!

Bud Morton
86 SVO 2R (featured in Mustang Monthly 9-97 issue)
85 SVO 4E (former Hertz Rent-a-car) under restoration